Track your newborn’s growth milestones and health with Glow Baby app

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Whether it’s the first child or third, parenthood is challenging, to say the least. But with phone in hand, parents now have a little extra help monitoring their newborn’s growth and development with an app called Glow Baby.

Created by personal health startup Glow, Glow Baby is designed to keep track of every milestone your child has across all the stages of his or her development, including moments when the baby first grabs onto things with both hands, makes eye contact, sits up, is able to control his or her head, and general growth. Parents can also monitor the baby’s feeding schedule, body temperature, how often the baby needs a diaper change, sleep cycles, and more.

glow-baby-androidVenture Beat reports that Glow Baby could also help alert parents during the first signs of illness, whether it’s a cough or a fever. And aside from collecting information, Glow Baby offers in-app content from the community and professionals, and interactivity with other parents through online discussions. “There are other baby tracking apps out there, but what ours does is be a resource that’s an extension of a new parent’s brain,” Jennifer Tye, Glow’s vice president of marketing and partnerships tells Venture Beat. “They are incredibly overwhelmed trying to figure out what information is relevant. With too much or irrelevant information out there, it can stress people out. Glow Baby is to empower users with information about their health and that of the baby. They can take that information and then make better decisions, and have better conversations with their healthcare professional.”

For now, Glow’s apps are available for free, but users are able to subscribe to the premium services for $4 per month. The premium services include private messaging, access to premium content, and a look at how your baby’s health compares to others. Glow Baby is the startup’s fourth app, after Glow, Glow Nurture for pregnancy, and Eve by Glow, a period and sex tracker.

Glow Baby is available for iOS and Android.