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Google's Material Design standard, Undo Send, arrive on Gmail for iOS

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Gmail on iOS has finally caught up to its Android counterpart. As Google boasts, though it probably shouldn’t, the update is the “biggest overhaul of the app in nearly four years.” Gmail on iOS is now faster, features Material Design, and has some highly requested features.

One of the biggest features in the update is “Undo Send,” which debuted last year in Gmail on the web and on Android. The feature has been available in the Gmail teams task-oriented email app, Inbox, on Android and iOS as well. Undo Send, as the name suggests, lets you quickly stop an email from flying off to a recipient — you know, in case you accidentally spelled someone’s name wrong.


Searching on the new Gmail app is now a lot faster as well, and misspelled searches will come with spelling suggestions. You can also swipe emails away to archive or delete them — you can pick which action you want in the app’s settings.

It’s unclear why exactly it took so long for Google to update the iOS app for Gmail — the previous version looked like a wrapper around its mobile site. In any event, Material Design, the design guidelines proposed by Google in 2014, along with its smooth animations have finally made its way to this app.

There are also a few updates to Google Calendar on iOS, namely a month view and a week view in landscape mode. Both of these viewing options have been available on the Android app for some time.

Google Calendar also supports Apple’s Spotlight Search, so you can search for “events, reminders, and goals” directly from your device without having to open the app. Finally, you can add alternate calendars — such as an Islamic or Hindu calendar — in a manner that allows you to see everything in one place.

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