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Envy Gmail users no more: Gmailify brings best Gmail features to your current email account

Gmailify: The best of Gmail, without an @gmail address
You might already be aware that you can access your, Hotmail, or Yahoo! email account through the Gmail app on Android, but Google just upped the ante with a fantastic announcement.

Google unveiled Gmailify, which brings the best Gmail features to anyone who uses these accounts. This means that you can enjoy Gmail’s spam protection and inbox organization the same exact way as those who have a @gmail address.

All you need to do is open the Gmail app on Android and sign in to either your, Hotmail, or Yahoo! email account. Then select the option to Gmailify your inbox. The spam filtering should take place automatically, and you’ll notice the ability to organize your inbox into various categories like Social, Promotions, and Updates. You’ll even get Google Now notifications based on your email, just like other Gmail users enjoy.

This new feature is perfect for those of you who have been using the same email address for so long that changing it would be too much of a chore. Or maybe you have have an Outlook address for work that you must use. Whatever the reason is, you finally have a chance to enjoy the benefits of Gmail without actually having an @gmail account.

This is an opt-in feature, but you can turn off Gmailify easily if you change your mind, and you can still use your existing email account within the Gmail app just like you did before today.

We can only hope that Google will add support for additional email providers in the near future.

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