Google's finally got something to offer iPhone users

google chrome beta ios 3d touch on force
Waiting for the next stable build of Google Chrome on iOS? Stop begrudging users with beta access on other platforms: Chrome is now available for download through Apple’s TestFlight service, which gives developers the ability to grant beta access to their applications.

To sign up, iOS users must first download the app from Google’s beta download page, enter an email address, and wait for an email with a link to download the app through TestFlight.

The TestFlight service is usually limited to a pool of 2,000 users per app. This time, it appears that Google and Apple have talked things over to allow a larger test group, as there is no mention of an upper limit. The search giant has long since had beta and development channels for its software on other platforms, including Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. In short, they’ve waited an awfully long time to get iOS onboard.

The beta grants users a number of new features, but the most interesting one is the addition of 3D touch features. Those with Apple’s latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be able to deep-press the Chrome icon on the home screen to either open a new tab, start voice search, or switch to incognito mode. Bluetooth keyboards also get support for a small set of new shortcuts, including the ability to open, close, or change tabs, as well as voice search.

Beta access means happy faces. Not only will Google get even more feedback on the features it plans to implement in future stable builds, the beta also allows it to fix critical bugs and improve the overall user experience on iOS. For more adventurous users, this should come as a pleasant surprise, as they can expect future beta builds to expand upon the software’s current functionality.

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