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Google smartwatch patent suggests dual touchscreens


There has been so much hype about smart watches in the past few months. But to date, we haven’t really seen anything come of it, aside from rumor after rumor after rumor. Despite the lack of tangible results, more and more companies seem to want to give it a go in this new, yet-to-be-determined market. We’ve guessed that Google was planning on throwing its hat into the ring, we recently found out that, through a report from Ubergizmo, based on patent drawings submitted by the digital conglomerate, its smart watch design may include not one, but two separate touch screen displays.

In fact, it appears that the design will expand components beyond the main screen, and extend throughout the actual wristband of the watch. The watch is expected to be able to support a wireless Internet connection, though it isn’t quite clear whether that means it will be capable of syncing with an Android device, or if it will actually be able to maintain its on, standalone connection.

The patent also suggests that the secondary touch screen may be removable. The benefit of this is beyond us, but we’re sure Google has something up its sleeves; we can’t imagine it would incorporate such a feature for no good reason.

Of course, just because an idea is introduced in a patent, doesn’t necessarily mean it will see the light of day, particularly in a device’s first iteration. So who knows if we’ll even see all, or any, of these features when Google unveils its initial generation of smart watches.

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