Google Fit will now let you know how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day

google fit update calories distance android app
During its Google I/O developers conference last year, Google announced Google Fit for Android, which serves as a fitness and health tracking platform. While the Google Fit app could always keep track of activities like walking, running, and biking– it couldn’t estimate distance and count calories, which is what Android users look for in a health and fitness apps.

Today, Google Fit received a major update, which will estimate distance traveled and calories burned. Users can see how far they’ve gone, by updating their profile to include gender, height, and weight. Users can scroll through their timeline to see activities grouped by days, weeks, or months.


To help users reach their fitness goals, Google also released a Google Fit widget and an Android Wear watch face, too. This will help users see how close they are to reaching their health and fitness goals, all while staying motivated. With a quick glance at your Android phone or watch, you’ll be able to see if you’re reaching your wellness goals.

In addition to tracking several metrics in its own right, Google Fit can also sync up with third-party apps, thanks to a software development kit (SDK) that was announced when the app was first announced. The SDK made it easier for developers to look at the tools that come with Google Fit for Android so they could start building apps for the fitness tracking platform.

Apps that are integrated with Google Fit include, Strava, Nike Running, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach. By connecting third-party apps to Google Fit, the app will show you all of your fitness data in one place. Google Fit users will be sure to take advantage of the latest features. The app is compatible with all Android devices. You can download the Google Fit app from the Play Store here.

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