Google Fit tracks your steps offline and logs 100 more activities

google fit update offline support activities android wear bike

Google Fit received a huge update along with a bunch of other apps and Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. The fitness-tracking app can now track your steps even without an Internet connection and supports 100 new activities. Bug fixes and improvements to the app’s overall performance were also included, with special attention to the Android Wear app.

Google overhauled its algorithms to improve its activity tracking, after some users complained of inaccurate step counts. The app should now measure your steps more accurately and even keep tabs on your movements when you’re offline. As soon as you get back to your phone and sync up, all the data that you stored on the watch while offline will cross over to your phone.

Google Fit can differentiate between walking, running, and cycling, so you won’t have to enter those activities manually into the app. However, you will have to log the 100 other activities because Google has yet to determine a way to tell the difference between each type of activity. Regardless, it’s nice to have more options to enter for activities. Users can now log in workouts of skiing, skating, biathlon, volleyball, circuit training, boxing, cricket, dancing, kite surfing, and many more with the Google Fit app.

Perhaps the best part of the app update, though,  is Android Wear support. Now that Android Wear has Google Fit and offline music playback, it’s more likely that fitness buffs will take their smartwatch to the gym, go for a run, or perhaps even a swim with their wearable gear.

The Google Fit app update should roll out to users over the next week, but you can also go download it from the Play Store right now for free.