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Inbox by Gmail gets Google Drive integration and at-a-glance bundled emails

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Inbox user? If you also happen to use Trello, GitHub, and get Google Alerts often, you’ll now receive neatly bundled emails from the three services.

Inbox by Gmail is Google’s relatively newer email application that wants to simplify email. You can schedule emails to specific times or places, bundle “Promo” emails to show up at a certain time of day, and more. Now, it’s getting a little more powerful.

“The Inbox team has worked with Trello, a project management application, and GitHub, a software collaboration platform, to improve email notifications,” writes Thijs van As, product manager at Gmail.

Basically, if you constantly get emails from Trello and GitHub, you’ll now get a summary of what’s new first, and then the rest of your emails will sit below. For GitHub specifically, Google says you will see a “summary of code changes and filed issues for each repository.” That way you can get more from a quick glance.

The same applies with any Google Alerts you have set up. If you don’t know, you can ask Google to notify you about a specific topic in the news, such as NASA in the GIF below.

Now these emails appear in a newsletter-like format — quite similar to what Inbox does to your Trips already. The alerts are summarized in the inbox, again, to offer more at a quick glance. Google is urging companies interested in presenting emails in this format to reach out to the Inbox team — Trello and GitHub are just the start as more companies will be adding support over the coming months.

The search giant says it has also finally added one of Inbox’s most highly requested features — Google Drive integration.

“You can now insert Drive links into emails, check and fix permissions for those links, and save email attachments to Drive,” van As writes.

The web version of Inbox also now lets you drag-and-drop contacts between the “To,” “CC,” and “BCC,” lines. You can also now delete emails right from the inbox, without having to tap another icon.

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