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Google Maps helps you find Pride Month events in 35 cities around the world

google maps
It’s LGBT Pride Month in many cities around the world, and you might be wondering where you can get to join in the celebrations. Well folks, Google Maps is here to help! The company has updated Google Maps on Android and iOS with Pride parade routes to help participants find where the party is and where the party is going.

The new feature will be available in 35 cities around the world, and in the cities where it’s available you’ll be able to head to Google Maps to see a rainbow route showing exactly where the parade will take place. From there, you can tap the event to show more information like the kind of traffic you’ll run into, event hours, and a description of the event.

Maps will also show Pride events that aren’t parades, and they’ll be marked with a specially designed Pride icon. You’ll also be able to tap those icons to find out more information about the corresponding events. Maps is also showing things like road closures and detours that you might need to take if you’re in the area and don’t want to join the parades and celebrations.

Google isn’t the only company getting into the Pride spirit. Facebook revealed earlier this year that it would allow users to add a Pride-themed frame to their photos.

Google has been adding some great new features to Maps of late. In fact, the company just updated Maps to now show the layouts of subway stations, a feature that should be seriously helpful for those that live in big cities with a subway. The new feature hasn’t yet come to all subway stations, but it’s likely that will change over the next few months. And, it’s likely we’ll continue to get great new features in Maps over the next few months, too.

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