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Google Nexus One Getting Patch, Coming to Walmart

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Google‘s Nexus One “superphone” has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. Although many users like the Android-bearing phone, may have been frustrated with Google’s purchasing and support experience (the phone is only available online via Google Checkout, and Google seems to have been caught flat-footed with the idea it might have to support customers). Still other Nexus One users have bee stymied by 3G connectivity problems—while some users’ frustrations stem from T-Mobile’s comparatively small 3G footprint, other users have reported 3G problems in areas with plenty of signal and where other 3G T-Mobile devices are functioning just fine.

Google is apparently planning to deal with these issues. In its online support forums, a Google engineer has stated Google has been testing a “software fix that could improve connectivity for 3G for some users.” If the fix gets through testing, the company apparently plans to roll it out to customers “in the next week or so.” The fix won’t magically expand T-Mobile’s coverage areas, but may help the Nexus One’s performance in areas where other T-Mobile 3G devices function without difficulty.

And on the sales front, Google appears on the verge of taking the Nexus One to the most mainstream of retailers: mega-retailer Walmart‘s online store is now listing the Nexus One under a “Coming Soon!” banner—and, if the listing is to be believes, Walmart’s versions of the Nexus One will support 3G on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon: if true, the expanded wireless capabilities may be one possible fix for lack of 3G coverage from T-Mobile. Walmart’s preview page doesn’t list any pricing information, although we imagine the retailer would want to cut a deal so it’s offering the Nexus One at a price cheaper than Google itself.

Editor Update 1/26/2010– It looks like the feed for the Google Nexus One is coming through at Walmart’s Lets Talk… Looks like the retail giant will be sporting Google’s Nexus One smartphone.

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