Google Now could soon remind you where you parked

google now soon reminding parked parking

Sports scores, driving directions, Web searches, calendar appointments… Google Now has grown to cover a wide range of information since it first appeared in summer 2012. Based on some digging into the app’s code done by Android Police, it looks like reminders for parking locations are now on the way as well.

It’s good news for anyone who’s ever lost a chunk of their day wandering round parking lots or city streets looking for their vehicle, and of course with all of the location sensors built into our smartphones it’s a feature that shouldn’t be difficult to implement. As with all rumors though, it’s not official until it actually appears on your device.

Android Police uncovered a couple of “Where you parked” strings in the latest APK code and the team has also mocked up a image showing how the feature could look in Google Now, based on the tip-offs that have come their way. “Google Now will allegedly detect when you get out of your car,” says the site, “and attempt to remember that location for later, serving you a card with Google’s best guess as to where you left your vehicle — including a location and what time you parked. Presumably, users will be able to hit the map on the card and navigate back to their car, though there’s a button below the map that would seem to offer the chance to correct Google.”

It’s been a busy few weeks for Google Now-related rumors, as its developers look to squeeze as much functionality as they can into the app in the face of growing competition from Siri and Cortana. Other features you might be seeing soon include reminders for bill payments, events automatically generated from your communications and alerts about people who are near you.

[Image courtesy of Android Police]

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