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Google Now will soon remind you to pay your bills

google now screenshots

Google has just rolled out a bill reminder feature on Google Now for Android. According to Android Police, the feature is integrated with Gmail, and generates a card that shows the name of the biller, the amount you owe, the payment due date, and an option to view the email from the billing company.  

According to an earlier APK teardown, Google Now has code snippets for keeping track of information such as minimum payments, last month’s bill, and previous balances. However, it is not yet clear if the features are included in the new update, or if it’s scheduled for future release. It also seems like the reminder feature works better with some billers. No word yet on whether some companies will receive support to allow users to execute actions through Google Now. Eventually, Google Now could allow customers to pay their bills through the reminders.

Since it first appeared in the summer of 2012, news about the potential features of Google’s digital personal assistant have come out at a rapid pace. Just over the past few months, revelations have pointed to Google Now’s potential uses for keeping track of your friends and your parked car

Since this involves sensitive financial information, we recommend putting a lock on phone’s screen. It seems like the account information would be partially hidden, but you can never be too safe.

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