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Google may be bringing a photo book creation tool to Google Photos

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Google Photos is one of Google’s most-loved services, and the company has constantly updated Photos with new features since its breakout from Google+ last year. The latest of these new features may be on its way in the near future: the ability to create photo books.

The feature was discovered in an app teardown by the folks over at Android Police, and while details are very scarce at this point, the app certainly references a photo book of sorts. Some speculate that the feature will help users create and organize a photo book so that all they need to do is print it when they’re ready to do so; however, nothing is certain at this point.

Some suggest that Google could also be prepping the launch of a service that actually prints out photo books for users, or that Photos could point to third-party printing services for people to use if so inclined. Based on what we’ve seen from Photos in the past, however, it’s more likely that the feature will deal with the creation and design of photo books rather than the printing aspect.

Of course, while its a little too early to tell exactly what the feature will look like, we hope to get more information about it in the near future. Considering the fact that it has popped up in the code of the latest Google Photos apps, its entirely possible that Google is planning on pushing out the feature to users in the next few months. When that time comes, whether its a photo book printing service or a photo book creation service, it’s sure to be a useful feature.

The APK teardown also revealed a few other juicy, but less exciting, tidbits. For example, Photos will soon have the ability to search for 360-degree photos specifically, and will include faster sharing features.

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