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Video shows Google Pixel 4 in all its glory weeks ahead of launch

We’ve already seen a ton of leaks related to the Google Pixel 4, so there was little left to the imagination. What little that was left, however, is now gone as some users seem to have gotten their hands on the Pixel 4 and published a video on YouTube showing the device in all its glory.

One leak comes from Vietnamese channel AnhEm TV, and shows a ton of footage of the device in full use. Most of what we can see has been seen before, but the video pretty much confirms the Google Pixel 4’s design and gives us a look at the settings and specs — including the Snapdragon 855 and a 1,440p display.


This particular leak shows the phone in white too — Google has shown off a black model in some teasers. This video also highlights a new “Ambient EQ” mode, which presumably acts like the Nest Hub Max’s Ambient EQ and adjusts the temperature of the display. Last but not least, there’s a “Smooth Display” mode that adjusts the refresh rate of the display between 60Hz and 90Hz. By extension, that confirms that the phone will feature a 90Hz display.

There’s a second leak showing the Pixel 4 as well, and it gives a better look at the phone’s colors. This leak comes from a YouTube channel called Rabbit TV in Thailand, and shows a coral color, the black, and the white. Again, the leak doesn’t really show any specs or design elements that we didn’t already know about — but it does give a good look at the phone’s design, and leaves almost nothing for Google to reveal when the device is finally announced in October.

Pixel 4XL Hands on : มาลองจับ Pixel 4XL กันเถอะ

As mentioned, we’ve seen plenty of other leaks of the Pixel 4 in the past few months. Google itself has even confirmed some details of the upcoming device, showing off a render of the back of the phone and highlighting the use of Project Soli, which allows users to control the phone using gestures, without ever having to touch the device. The tech will also allow for facial-recognition tech that could put the phone on par with iPhone models.

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