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If you say you're a developer, you can get the Google Pixel C for $375

Google Pixel C
Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital Trends
Earlier today, Google surprised Android fans when it took the wraps off the developer preview for Android N. Now, the company is offering a pretty hefty discount on the Google Pixel C tablet to get developers started on, well, developing.

The discount is around 25 percent, with the 32GB model jumping from $500 down to $375, and the 64GB model going from $600 to $450. Of course, the keyboard associated with the device still costs $150, but with this discount, you can get the tablet and the keyboard for around what the tablet would normally cost alone.

It’s important to note that the discount is aimed specifically at developers. However, it appears as though anyone can take advantage of the deal by heading to the Google developer site and simply typing in their email address. After doing so, Google will send over a link to buy the tablet.

It’s not currently known how long the promotion will run, but it seems as though there may be a restriction on how many devices Google is willing to sell at the discounted price.

The Pixel C itself was announced in December, and offers some great features. It’s aimed at taking advantage of the 2-in-1 trend of late, however it can obviously be used as just a tablet or with the keyboard. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and do a lot of typing, then the somewhat cramped keyboard might not be the best for you, but for replying to emails or doing simple day-to-day tasks that might not be as much of an issue. You can read our full review of the Pixel C here.

Android N, the next major release of Android, offers a number of great new features, including a split-screen mode for stock Android, as well as a picture-in-picture mode, and a revised notifications bar.

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