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Google holds photography contest for Google Pixel owners to display their work

google pixel photo contest chromecast xl shooting
Google Chromecast users can probably admit they are often mesmerized by the backdrop content that appears on the screen when there is nothing streaming on the device. With a new contest by Google, Pixel users now have a chance to see their own photography featured in the Chromecast lineup.

Posted on the Pixel User Community in a Google Forums post last week, a Google employee announced the opportunity for users to have their photos seen by millions around the world. According to the forum, the contest is only open to owners of the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Even though HTC manufactured the devices, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are the first phones “made by Google.” This means Google chose internal components for the devices which were then integrated with the Android operating system. With Google having control over the process, the device gives users an Android experience unlike any other.

The Pixel has 12.3 megapixels in the rear camera –with 1.55-micron pixels that are great for taking photos in low-light — and eight megapixels packed into the front camera. Similar to past Nexus devices, the Pixel also includes HDR+ — Google’s software used to capture multiple photos at once to produce an image with little noise by picking the best one to use as a base and layering the rest.

To have your photos considered for the Chromecast backdrop contest, the post explains users need to hashtag their photos on any social channels — Google+, Instagram, and Twitter — using #teampixel. A Google employee will reach out to potential candidates through a direct message on the platform the photo was posted on with additional instructions.

If you are planning on taking tons of photos to submit the perfect shot, you will be happy to know Google offers full-resolution storage in Google Photos for free. While this is also available in the app, for Pixel owners it will not take up your Google account storage. So, you will not have to worry about losing any of those precious outdoor photos if you don’t back them up.

According to the forum post, any photos submitted should stick to the same aesthetics as the ones already on Google Chromcast. The tips include submitting photos featuring landscapes, cities, nature, and animals — but asks to forego people and branded content.

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