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The just-launched Google Play summer sale could be its biggest sale yet

Google play
You might be traveling a little and the kids might be on break, but Google is celebrating the arrival of summer in its own way — with a huge, storewide sale on Google Play.

The sale isn’t just on a few select things — it really is storewide. That means that you’ll get discounts on apps, games, movies, TV shows, and more. The sales begin on June 29, and they’ll run for at least a week, depending on the type of content you’re looking for. For apps, games, books, and music, you’ll have until July 6 to take advantage of the sales — while sales on movies and TV shows will run all the way until July 13.

So what exactly is on sale? Well, for starters, all movie rentals will be 99 cents, which is a pretty awesome deal considering they’re normally somewhere in the $3 range. On top of that, you’ll get up to 50 percent off of a number of new-release TV shows. Google hasn’t offered any titles just yet, but it should be obvious if you head to the Google Play Store and check out the TV shows for yourself.

Other content is equally slashed. In the app department, you’ll get 50 percent off of subscriptions from The New York Times, Runtastic, TuneIn, and more. When it comes to games, Google is giving away a number of its premium games for as much as 80 percent off, including the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and Star Wars: KOTOR. Many books will be discounted from 50 to 80 percent off, and if you’re into music you’ll be able to get up to four months free for a Google Play Subscription, though we assume that’s for new subscribers only.

It’s really not a bad sale, and it seems like most people will be able to find something at a discounted rate, especially considering just how much content is available. The Google Play Store doesn’t often get sales this big either — sometimes an app will get discounted, or a few apps or movies at a time, but generally nothing as storewide as this. Still, sometimes you can find a nice app deal to get apps for free that would normally cost. You can check out the discounted content for yourself from the Google Play Store.

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