Google Now could soon have more to show from Google+

voice command hack google now nexus 6
Google has never been shy about using one of its services to promote another, and now it looks like Google Now is about to get a fresh injection of Google+. 9to5Google is reporting that a small set of users are seeing Google+ Stories show up in their Google Now card lists on Android.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Stories feature of Google’s social network — and there’s every reason to think you might be — they’re albums of pictures made automatically from your uploads based on time and location data. The theory is that you can dump a bunch of holiday snaps (for example) into Google+ and it will automatically produce a highlights reel for you.

According to the users who’ve seen their Stories inside Google Now, the associated card shows a photo preview of the story, a date, and how many moments (or items of content) it includes — the Story can be viewed or shared with other people with a single tap. As yet we’ve heard nothing official from Google about the new feature.

If you want to start seeing Stories in your own Google Now app, you need to make sure you have the feature switched on and that you’re uploading your pictures to the right place: Google provides full instructions. Google Now can already show birthdays taken from Google+.

Google Now is one of the most useful and intuitive tools offered by the Mountain View company — powered by all of the data Google collects on its users — but with Siri and Cortana improving rapidly, it needs to keep evolving. Google recently announced partnerships with 40 different app makers to provide content for the digital assistant service.

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