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New Google app Aero combines functions of Uber Eats and TaskRabbit

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Android users in India are about to see their lives change. Well, perhaps it’s not quite that earth-shattering, but a new Google app ought to make its users’ lives a lot easier in that country. It’s called Areo, and it’s a new platform for all things on-demand. From food delivery to service provision, there’s nothing you can’t get from Areo, and it’s being launched exclusively in Bangalore and Mumbai in India (at least for the time being).

As first reported by Android Soul, Areo boasts a number of features that will make ordering your dinner as easy as pie. With a single tap, you can send for your next meal after searching by dish or restaurant, or filtering by categories like dietary restrictions.

But Areo doesn’t want you to just stop there — instead, while you’re ordering your food, why not order someone to come and do your chores as well? You can check out services provided from electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, and more, directly from the app. When you’re ready to book an appointment, you can check out using the same flow as you would for the food ordering process.

Of course, the app is still very much in its nascent stages, as IBTimes pointed out in its recent trial run. Noting that both the food and house services sections offered “only a few service providers and vendors,” the U.K.-based publication did point out that Areo is quite easy to use (even if there’s not much to use it for just yet). And as more and more vendors join the platform, it certainly seems like an app with the potential to take off.

Indeed, more and more American tech companies have been releasing lightweight versions of their apps to reach users in India, perhaps the largest developing market in the world. Google-owned YouTube recently unveiled its stripped-down app, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made similar moves in recent months as well.

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