Skrillex and Google have made a trippy limited edition case for your phone

Google has teamed up with music producer Skrillex, and indirectly, Skrillex’s dog, to launch a series of limited edition cases for the Nexus 6 and several other Android smartphones. However, these aren’t just any old cases. Each one is a numbered limited edition, and is adorned in special Skrillex artwork, apparently inspired by his fascination with space.

It doesn’t end there. Each case comes with its own matching live wallpaper that updates throughout the day with photos taken by a satellite launched by none other than Skrillex himself. It’s up in space now, “all alone,” according to Skrillex, and is busily snapping images. Wondering when we’ll get to the bit about the dog? Here it is. The satellite is named Nanou, after Skrillex’s pooch. Aw, how sweet.

Skrillex Case Limited NumberOn the rear of each case is a small button that out of the box connects directly to Skrillex’s YouTube account, but can be customized to launch a favorite app. Buyers will also get early access to an upcoming OWSLA album through Google Play, plus a selection of updates from the producer will be sent through to each phone.

Obviously made for die-hard Skrillex fans, this is likely to be the first in a series of Edition cases from Google. In the official release, it’s stated we’ll see more “creative collaborations,” from Google and unnamed partners in the future, so if Skrillex isn’t to your taste, then don’t despair.

Exactly how many cases will make up the limited run isn’t known, but it could be less than 10,000, judging by the numbers shown on the inside of the case, where there is only room for four digits. It’s doubtful stocks will last for long, even at $40 each, making it advisable to get your order in at the Google Play Store very soon. There is a case for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy Note 4.

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