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Reservations for its eatery are sold out, but Google is giving away free donuts in NYC

google small world
Food is a universal language, and Google is accordingly luring people into its pop-up restaurant in New York City to showcase some of the capabilities of its Translate app. Small World is a small eatery the company is opening for a special four-day presentation, from April 15 to April 18, but unfortunately reservations are all sold out.

“Whether you start things off with “bon appétit,” “dobrou chuť” or “itadakimasu,” it’s over meals that we build community and connect,” according to the announcement from Google. “In celebration of just that, Google Translate is opening an interactive pop-up restaurant in New York City. Languages from around the world will be your guide as our guest chefs take you on a journey through the lens of food — our universal language.”

Each day features a prominent chef, who will showcase cuisine from a different part of the world. On April 15, Gerardo Gonzalez will satisfy cravings for Mexican food; on April 16, Joseph “JJ” Johnson, a James Beard-nominated chef will present his take on Afro-Asian-American cuisine; on April 17, the acclaimed owner and founder of Mission Chinese and Mission Cantina, Danny Bowien, will take the helm for Asian cuisine; and finally on April 18, chef Einat Admony will showcase Israeli cuisine.

Each day’s chef is also joined by a team drawn from various other restaurants like Mission Chinese, Bistro Don Giovanni, and Hudson Hound.

People attending will be able to translate items on the menu via the Google Translate app, but it’s unclear what else Google will be teasing, or testing, at the eatery.

If you’re disappointed about the sold-out reservations — not all is lost. Google is offering free donuts from Dough, and it’s also following a global theme as the search giant says the donuts are “inspired by flavors from around the world.”

“Swing by the cart at the corner of Bowery and Kenmare between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm from Friday, April 15 through Monday, April 18 (horchata donut, anyone?),” the Mountain View company writes.

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