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Google video shows possible all-white redesign for Gmail and its other apps

Google Material Design

Google is reportedly working on a variety of changes to both its web and mobile apps. First spotted by Ars Technica, a new Material Design video surfaced with a preview of what we can possibly expect for the redesign of Android apps like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and more. The report thoroughly notes all the changes that could be released within the redesign.

The video was created by Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino — who worked together alongside the Google Material Design team —  and is meant to “showcase their updated design system for the internal teams.” While it has since then been set to private on Vimeo, it’s been re-uploaded to YouTube where everyone can view it. The design sizzle reel shows a variety of different shapes and effects with one common theme — everything is extremely white.

Implemented in 2014, the original Material Design user interface launched with Android Lollipop. The design language introduced a clean color palette — complete with deeper shadows and crisp edges. Last year, Google made it easier for other developers to apply the design to their own apps and games by adding a new color utility.

For starters, it appears the red UI elements Gmail is known for will be replaced by a white bottom bar and white background. The video also shows email attachments scrolling horizontally through the message screen. Controls such as “Mark as Read,” “Archive,” “Delete,” and “Reply All” are found within a bottom bar at the bottom of the screen. The same bottom button format appears on Google Drive, along with tabs up top and a search bar.

As for Google Photos, the app seems to look the same overall — other than the switch to a white background instead of the original gray. The sidebar that houses buttons such as “Photos,” “Albums,” “Photo Books,” and more, have transformed into round icons that sit at the top instead. A search bar has also been added to Google Trips, along with a colorful logo, search icon, and menu button.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these changes aren’t final. The visuals seen in the video are most likely mockups that are subject to change.

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