Now you can talk to Google voice search in multiple languages at the same time

google voice multiple languages simultaneous

Good news, bilingual and multilingual folks! Google voice search for Android will now understand your queries as you switch from English to Spanish to German, and so on. The app lets users set up to five languages for the default language setting, so that you no longer have to go into settings to change your language setting every time you want to use the voice search function.

Previously, users could only choose one language for the default, which made life difficult for those who wanted to make searches in multiple languages on the fly. You can also switch between languages in the middle for a query, which is great for when you need to search for a term or phrase in another language.

Google Voice Search Languages

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Although you’re limited to five default languages only, you do have access to the entire Google catalogue of languages, including specific variations, such as Colombian Spanish, Australian, and so on. This new feature is great for multilingual users who like to switch it up from time to time.

The only thing that Google hasn’t perfected is searches initiated with the words, “OK, Google.” When you utter this magic phrase, you’re still stuck with English as your default language. Hopefully Google will fix this soon. The update is currently rolling out to Android users, though it’s not clear which phones have received the update yet, but Android Police got its hands on a few screenshots of the function in action.