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With India now in the mix, YouTube Kids app is available to children in 20 nations

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YouTube is about to get a whole lot more kid-friendly in India. Google launched the YouTube Kids app in the U.S. a while ago, but now the app is making its way to India, allowing Indian children to enjoy YouTube without stumbling onto something they shouldn’t.

Of course, YouTube Kids is about more than just blocking inappropriate content — it’s also about curating content that kids might actually be interested in. In releasing the app to India, Google has partnered with a number of YouTube creators in the country to generate content exclusively for the YouTube Kids app. Some of that content includes the popular “ChuChuTV,” which is the most popular YouTube channel in India and offers animation and songs specifically for kids.

YouTube Kids was first launched in the U.S. around a year and a half ago as a response to parental concerns that the main YouTube app may not be the best for children. With India now in the mix, the app is available in 20 countries.

“YouTube Kids unlocks an unparalleled library of kids and learning content from India and across the globe, and brings your favorite kids content front and center. When you open up the app, you’ll see popular kids videos in Hindi and English highlighted on the home screen,” said Google in a blog post.

The app also gives parents a little more control over the type of content that their kids can enjoy and how long kids are allowed to watch videos on YouTube. All of those controls are protected by a password, so kids can’t get in there and change their time limit to 24 hours per day.

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