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AT&T’s GoPhone adds more data for the same price and unveils new unlimited plan

Just a couple of months after improving the data allotment of its GoPhone prepaid plans, AT&T has bumped up the amounts yet again. Customers can now receive either 6GB of high-speed LTE data for $40 per month, or unlimited data for $60, provided they sign up for autopay.

The changes, particularly with the 6GB option, make GoPhone’s already strong value proposition a bit more competitive at a time when just about every carrier is making news for giving customers more data. Previously, customers could receive 8GB for $60 per month, or 4GB for $45, and save another $5 on either with autopay. Now, 4GB subscribers can receive an extra 2GB for the same price.

The unlimited offer, on the other hand, isn’t quite as compelling a deal as it would initially seem. GoPhone caps speeds at 3Mbps at all times for this plan, and subjects users to further throttling once they exceed 22GB in a billing cycle. Furthermore, video streaming is reduced to standard definition and 1.5Mbps throughput. For most users who consume a reasonable amount of data, the old 8GB plan can reach speeds three to four times faster and is a little cheaper by $5.

No matter which option you choose, GoPhone allows for data roaming and unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico and Canada. AT&T also offers multi-line discounts, with $5 off the second line, followed by $10, $15, and $20 for each additional line thereafter.

AT&T’s announcement comes a little more than a month after the carrier’s other prepaid service, Cricket Wireless, raised data allotments for several of its plans. Currently, Cricket offers 3GB for $40 per month, 8GB for $50, and 12GB for $60, plus the same kind of $5 autopay savings GoPhone employs. Keep in mind, however, that Cricket limits LTE and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) speeds to 8Mbps and 4Mbps, respectively. GoPhone’s throttling for all its plans — save for the aforementioned unlimited one — doesn’t kick in until after you cross the specified threshold, making it a better choice for users who want the maximum possible speed on AT&T’s network.

Of course, new customers can bring an unlocked, compatible smartphone of their choice to GoPhone, but for those in the market for a new device, the service is also offering $20 off select products. Currently, the deal only applies to the Samsung Galaxy Express 3, Samsung Galaxy Express Prime, and LG Phoenix 2.

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