Grove spreads the bamboo love from iPhone cases to charging dock

grove spreads the bamboo love from iphone cases to charging dock station

As Apple continues to churn out iterations of its best-selling product, Portland-based eco-friendly mobile accessories designer Grove is expanding beyond just iPhone cases and sticky backs to a new accessory. To welcome the new iPhone 5S and 5C, Grove is introducing the Grove Dock, a charging display made with solid steel and real bamboo. The dock is designed so users can attach their iPhones to the device with just one hand, and remove it just as easily when they need to pick up calls, check on an app, or read an incoming message.

Just picture yourself at home when your phone’s battery is low. Whenever your iPhone goes off, you have to use two hands to detach the charging cord then pick up the phone. If the battery is near zero percent, you to lower your face closer to where the outlet is so the phone stays attached to the plug. Awkward. The Grove Dock solves that minute problem, and boasts an elegant aesthetic to boot. The dock measures in at a weighty three pounds, and is available in black, white, or silver steel trim. The body features Grove’s signature Moso bamboo, and everything is assembled locally in the Portland factory. The Grove Dock will work even if the phone has a case strapped on, making the one-step charging even less time consuming. Grove will also accept corporate orders for those wanting to engrave logos, names, or dates on their very special items.

The Grove Dock is available today for $100. Order before October 18 and you can get an extra $20 off with the code “docklaunch20.” Aren’t discounts the best?