Hackers Target Windows Smartphone Games

If it computes, someone will find a way to hack it. Whether it is the on-board computer for your car, or a chip implanted in your arm, if you build it, they will hack. The newest victim is a pair of Windows mobile based games designed for smartphones that contain malware that will run up your phone bill.

Reuters is reporting that the games 3D Anti-Terrorist and PDA Poker Art have been known to carry malware, even when downloaded from legitimate sites. Users may carry the viruses and not know it- at least right up until they read their bills.

The newest malware automatically dials premium-rate telephone services in Somali, Italy, and elsewhere, dragging the user’s bill up into the hundreds of dollars. The services the phones dial are run by the hackers responsible for the malware.

With smartphone sales continuing to increase exponentially, and more and more manufacturers entering the smartphone market, expect these attacks to continue.

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