Top 10 tweets from the iPhone 6 #Hairgate Scandal

iPhone Hairgate

Apple can’t catch a break these days. The #Bendgate scandal that affected iPhone 6 Plus owners is slowly subsiding, but now a new “gate” has taken its place: #Hairgate. Some iPhone 6 users with beards and long hair report that their luscious locks have become ensnared in the seam between glass and aluminum on the new iPhone.

Bearded hipsters and long-haired maidens took to social networks to express their dismay over the problem, which goes by the moniker #Hairgate or #Beardgate on Twitter. Some people seem legitimately upset that Apple couldn’t design a seamless phone, but the humor of the situation was not lost on anyone. #Hairgate is fast becoming a classic Internet meme.

So far Apple has been congratulated on its campaign against hipsters:

#Beardgate and #Hairgate have also been scientifically tested by a few brave souls:

Even we at Digital Trends have put it to the test. In fact, the image at the top of this post shows one of our brave bearded men trying it out:

Meanwhile, others plan excursions to the Apple Store to find out if #Hairgate is indeed real (hey, it’s better than destroying public property like these #Bendgate kids):

A few companies and clever folks encourage iPhone 6 owners to discard their razors and use the new iPhone for a super close shave:

It looks like #Hairgate is bad news for Apple — it’s even dissuading users from buying the new iPhone:

That’s it — Apple’s doomed … or not: