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Almost half of Tinder users aren’t actually single

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Sometimes research unveils truly surprising information, and other times it just confirms what you pretty much suspected to be the truth anyway. Here, we have the latter. According to a Global Web Index study spotted by Wired, 42 percent of Tinder users aren’t actually single.

The good news, if you’d like to look at it that way, is the fact that 54 percent of users are indeed single. Three percent identify as divorced, and one percent say “other,” which is probably best just not to ask.

While Tinder has a reputation as a hook up app (for iOS and Android), maybe it’s unfair to slap that label on the service without considering other possibilities. Maybe the people on the app who are in a relationship use it not to find a date, but a friend. It is an easy way to find people with common interests who are nearby, even if it’s generally assumed one of those common interests is assumed to be, you know, doing it.

There is always the possibility that some significant others are totally fine with their partner being on Tinder. You never know what someone else’s relationship arrangement might be like. Whatever floats your boat, after all.

The Global Web Index survey also revealed that Tinder is primarily populated by men, who outnumber their female counterparts 60 percent to 40 percent. This likely isn’t too surprising, as most online dating services have a reputation for being heavily populated by male users.

If you’re looking to read into some information, there’s another data point in the survey that may help explain the number of taken Tinder users: About 70 percent of users keep profiles on other dating services as well. Loyalty is clearly not their strong suit. It means there’s pretty good odds that other dating sites are also heavily populated with people who are already in a relationship, too. No site is safe from wandering eyes.

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