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Looking for more of Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’? There is now an app for that

Hamilton app
Even if you are not into Broadway shows or musicals at all for that matter, you have most likely still heard of Hamilton. Since obtaining tickets to the incredibly acclaimed production is an almost impossible task, there is now an app to help make it a bit easier.

Lin-Manuel Miranda — who created and starred in Hamilton — along with producer Jeffrey Seller, released the app to give fans an extended Hamilton experience. With different features for fans to use, it allows them to continue the show in an engaging way even after it is long over.

Tickets for Hamilton sell out extremely quickly but with the app, you will be able to access the #Ham4Ham ticket lottery. You can enter to win two tickets for $10 each to see the show currently running on a national tour in Los Angeles, or in New York and Chicago at the end of August. The app will also provide you with information about any new tickets before anyone else hears about it.

When interacting with friends — and fellow Hamilton fans — there are shareable stickers that you can send within your conversations. The packs include designed lyric stickers along with Hamilton emojis, and fan art from all around the world. Users can even submit their own art for a chance to be included in future sticker packs. Among other features is the #HamCam, which transforms you into a character from the show. Similar to Snapchat filters, you can use them to snap different Hamilton-themed photos of yourself.

For more exclusive items, the merchandise store offers apparel, souvenirs, and streamable music to download to your device — such as the Hamilton mixtape. You even have access to news created by Hamilton‘s editorial staff, such as articles written by the cast or creative team, and videos from Miranda, among other content.

Since the app is only in its first phase, there will be frequent updates. Future features include augmented reality, interactive karaoke tracks, and exclusive ticket access. The app will also soon include an enhanced #EduHam experience — which is a program that provides New York City public school students with the chance to see Hamilton on Broadway and integrate it into the classroom. You can download the app for iOS through the App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

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