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HandL’s new phone case has one ‘butt’ you can grab without getting into trouble

handl butt case
Bigger smartphones mean a tougher time holding them with one hand. HandL’s smartphone cases make it easier thanks to a grip that doubles as a kickstand, and now the company’s going even further with a more ergonomic design that closely resembles a derrière.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come during HandL’s announcement at CES in January:


Yep, that looks like a butt. So much so that HandL itself has nicknamed its upcoming product the “Butt Case.” The case’s designer, Allen Hirsch, is also the creator of the other HandL cases.

“It is not sexual, but provides the most pleasurable experience to the hand,” Hirsch said in a news release. “I want to humanize our phones and bring back our awareness of touch.”

The Butt Case performs the same function of providing a better grip of your smartphone just like the regular HandL cases. Except now the case will make you feel like you’re touching a butt every time you take your smartphone out. The added thickness will also make the case hard to fit in a pocket.

We were unsure about the authenticity of the “Butt Case,” so we reached out to Hirsch himself.

“My intention is to help people focus on how they touch their phones — which is the portal to most of our human relationships,” Hirsch tells Digital Trends. “We are so addicted to grabbing our phones and looking at our screens all the time, but when we reach for this Butt Case, our hands will find that they have reached a sensory goal — and perhaps that may be enough. I jokingly refer to this as the first phone case to compete with the other side. It may wean us a bit from the ethereal electronic world and bring us back a little into the tactile one.”

Hirsch said the case will fit fine in larger pockets, but “it’s the kind of case that you can hold onto all day long (squeezing is believing).”

It took nearly a year to build, as Hirsch wanted to find the right materials that replicated “this part of the body.” Those materials? A “special silicone” and synthetic rubber. He says the company is developing different textured materials, and there may a model in white or even in skin tone options.

Don’t get all excited just yet, as the “Butt Case” won’t be available until around March. HandL doesn’t have any cases for Android yet, so don’t expect one for its upcoming product. The company is still deciding the case’s name, though Butt HandL has been thrown around. Its price has not been announced yet.

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