Look Ma! No hands! Hansnap straps on phones for shooting photos and video

A new startup called Hansnap has hit its Kickstarter funding goal for what it calls “the world’s first hand-mounted smartphone filming system” — a hand strap for mounting a handset or action camera for hands-free shooting.

The Hansnap is a custom strap that slips over a hand with an adjustable arm that mounts a phone, tablet, or action camera. Similar to how a camcorder strap would grip the inner and outer palm, the positioning is designed to bring stability and security when filming footage or snapping photos. The universal adapter plate connects with its own mechanism that is meant to be attached and detached quickly. The backing plate uses a high-bond 3M adhesive to be fixed onto the device you’re attaching.

Industrial strength Velcro is used on the portion lying on the back of the hand, allowing for placing the device there in cases where a hand needs to be free, like grabbing a handlebar on a bike or motorcycle, for example. The strap is versatile and tight enough to also be set up on railings, poles, or handlebars for purely hands-free operation.

The concept behind the Hansnap was borne out of experience the founder, Justis Earle, had while at a death metal concert in San Francisco. Wanting to film the experience of surfing through the crowd, he opted not to in case he lost his grip and it fell into the mosh pit.

With over 100 percent of the funding goal secured, the Kickstarter campaign will wind down on December 3. Hansnap is also initially partnering with DeathLens, a case and lens manufacturer, to offer a complete mobile filming kit that includes the Hansnap unit, a case, wide-angle lens, and fisheye lens that can work with iPhones and Android phones. On its own, the Hansnap is available for $25 on Kickstarter, going up to $30 when it hits retail.