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Apple Music for Android is coming soon, preview screenshots available now

heres a sneak peek of apple music for android 970x0  1
Apple Music is going strong, as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced this week that the music streaming platform has 6.5 million paying subscribers and 8.5 million trial users. Users who are interested in the Android version of the Apple Music app may only have to wait a few more weeks for its release out of its current beta stage. They can also get a glimpse at what the app will look like now.

Thanks to a German technology blog called, we have screenshots of Apple Music for Android. The translated version of the blog post showing off the coming Android version of Apple Music says that the screenshots are available “in spite of a very restrictive non-disclosure agreement.”

The most immediately noticeable feature of Apple Music for Android is the app’s adherence to material design, Google’s homegrown visual language and style. Nevertheless, the resemblances to the iOS Apple Music app are obvious.

Apple Music Android app

Also notable is the inclusion of Beats 1, Apple Music’s proprietary 24/7 radio station. This would appear to calm fears that the Android version of Apple’s music app would not come with the station included.

There are unresolved issues in the beta version of the Android version of the Apple Music app, according to For instance, logging into an Apple account doesn’t seem to work perfectly.

Unless there’s a second phase of testing, Android users can expect the Apple Music app for their devices to roll out sometime in November, according to

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