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Here’s what happens when you boil an iPhone 6S in melted crayons

Don't Ever Boil an iPhone 6S in Crayons!
You know how it is. You’re in your kitchen, boiling up your blue crayons, stirring spoon in one hand, iPhone in the other. As you scroll through your Twitter timeline, your phone slips from your hand, landing straight in the mass of melting blue goo. Will the handset survive?

YouTube user TechRax used this unlikely scenario as the basis for possibly the most bizarre iPhone stress test we’ve seen yet.

Highlighting his dedication to the cause but failing to explain why blue has to be the color, TechRax informs us at the start of the video, “I had to get like 30 boxes because usually there’s only one color in every box.”

The unlucky handset at the center of this peculiar experiment is a “beautiful, clean iPhone 6S….10-out-of-10 condition.” Though it won’t be for much longer.

Apparently oblivious to the term “oil fire,” TechRax starts melting the wax-based coloring sticks in a pan, telling viewers, “This phone will swim in a nice little steaming hot bath of pure crayons.” It will also catch fire and nearly burn down his home, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

With the heat still turned on, TechRax launches the phone into the melted wax, immediately observing “some bubbles coming up” from the harassed handset.

A short while later the pyrotechnics display starts, with an understandably concerned TechRax uttering the words “this is not good” a few times before taking the flaming iPhone over to the sink.

After pouring water onto the burning handset and possibly singeing his eyebrows on the resulting whoosh of flames (putting water onto oil-based fires isn’t a good idea, y’see), TechRax focuses on the job in hand, pointing out that the phone hasn’t responded at all well to being placed in boiling hot wax and set alight.

Half way through his analysis, he notices the fire in the pan is still burning. The kitchen sequence ends with him holding the pan – flames still leaping out – and noting that it’s “extremely, extremely hot” while pondering aloud what to do next.

You won’t be surprised to learn that this isn’t the first time TechRax has pulled a crazy stunt with a piece of tech. Last year, for example, he used some ultra-powerful magnets to crush a $10,000 gold Apple Watch.

“Please, don’t EVER try something like this,” the crayon melter implores in a message alongside the video showing his latest stunt. So put down those blue crayons, put away that pan, and be nice to your iPhone. And leave the daft stuff to TechRax.

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