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Exclusive: The Honor 30S camera will have 64-megapixels and a 3x zoom

The forthcoming Honor 30S smartphone will have a 64-megapixel main camera and a 3x optical zoom feature, according to leaked information given to Digital Trends by a trusted source, who has proven reliable in the past but wishes to remain anonymous. An image was also provided to us, showing what appears to be a page from the Chinese promotional material for the device.

Translating the Chinese text, it says Honor 30S at the top, and then states the main “photosensitive” camera will have 64 megapixels. The text at the bottom of the image adds the 3x telephoto feature. The text is overlaid on a dark render of the phone’s camera system, which appears to be a similar rectangular shape to the existing Honor V30, and what we expect to see on the Huawei P40 Pro. It may have up to four lenses and sensors inside.

What makes us certain the leak provided is genuine? Apart from our trusted source, it does fit in with some of the other information leaked about the Honor 30S so far. The phone will launch on March 30, and a teaser image posted on the Chinese social network Weibo uses the same font as our image for the phone name. To go along with this, a leaked render of the phone shows a rectangular camera bump on the back, which is the same shape as the one hiding in our image.

Other leaks have revealed the Honor 30S will be powered by a Kirin 820 processor, have 40W fast charging, and come in some stunning colors, including a fantastic orange hue. We also know it will have 5G, as the real box for the device was shown by Honor’s president George Zhao on social media, complete with a 5G logo on it.

The Honor 30S is likely to be one of a new series of phones, based on how the company has structured the range in the past. It’s logical to expect a standard Honor 30 and an Honor 30 Pro as well. However, things could change. Last year, Honor released the Honor 20S in certain regions several months after the Honor 20, with a selection of upgraded features onboard. It’s not clear what Honor is planning this time.

Honor will announce the Honor 30S on March 30, a few days after Huawei announces the P40 series. We expect the 5G Honor 30S to see an international release, but this may not come at the end of this month.

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