How dude are you? This website will rank your dudeness on a scale from 1 to 100

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Microsoft recently built a website that can tell you how old you look, just by uploading any photo of yourself. Now, there’s already a spin-off of Microsoft’s viral hit website — thanks to popular dating app Lulu — that will figure out “how dude” you look.

Similar to Microsoft’s site, all you need to do is upload a photo of yourself, and the #HowDudeRobot will grade your “dudeness” out of 100 and give you a hashtag description.

Since Lulu launched the site, it has gone viral and has been used by more than half a million people all over the world. The #HowDudeRobot has even graded the dudeliness of celebrities such as Kanye West (93 percent dude), Arnold Schwarzenegger (99 percent dude), and Harry Styles (66 percent dude).

If it gets your “dudeliness” terribly wrong, don’t worry — you’re not alone. When it comes to Harry Styles, the #HowDudeRobot only gave the celebrity 66 percent dude rating.

Lulu launched the site just last week. CEO Alexandra Chong told TechCrunch that the site was hacked together pretty quickly as an “homage” to Microsoft’s new site. Chong said, “it’s meant to ‘show off'” the technology that Lulu has built around gender detection and facial recognition.

While it’s fun to measure someone’s dudeliness based on a photo, Chong says Lulu might create a product that accommodates gay men and gay women in the future. The site was developed by the team at Lulu — a popular dating app available for iOS and Android that lets men upload their photos and ask girls for feedback and advice.

Unlike Microsoft’s site, Lulu’s dude-rating tool is just for fun. To join the party, go to the site, and see how dude-ly you are.

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