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How bulletproof is an iPhone? You’ll need this many to save you from an AK-47

how many iphone stop bullet screen shot 2015 07 at 6 42 pm
Technology has allowed us to answer some of the more pressing questions of our time and share our newfound knowledge with the world. And if you’re like one of more than the 684,000 subscribers of EverythingApplePro, one of those most intriguing inquiries is, of course, “How many iPhones does it take to stop an AK-47 bullet?” The answer, as it turns out, is “five, sometimes six,” because hey, not everything can be an exact science. But suffice it to say that a single iPhone in your breast pocket won’t protect you from much — that is, if being shot with an assault rifle is part of your day-to-day plan.

In a video that has now garnered over 5 million views since it was first published a few weeks ago, Daniel, the mastermind behind EverythingApplePro, decided to put the iPhone 6 Plus to the real test: bulletproof-ness. The experiment took quite a bit of setup, including a wooden stand, and cost him quite a few seemingly perfectly functioning phones, including three iPhone 6 Pluses, two iPhone 6’s, a few older iPhones, one iPhone lookalike, and one Samsung Galaxy S6, almost as an afterthought. Once everything had been satisfactorily prepared, he destroyed it by firing straight into the lineup with his handy dandy AK-47.

Unfortunately, the first time he tried, he misfired and hit the wooden frame first, slowing it down and yielding inaccurate results (only five phones were destroyed in the process). But on a further attempt, he successfully managed a clean shot, ruining between five and six iPhones (the sixth only had the screen damaged) and proving that it would not, in fact, be particularly advisable or strategic to make a bulletproof suit out of several mobile devices. Do be warned, however, that while five or six iPhones may be sufficient to stop an AK-47, they will do nothing in the face of a shotgun, which effectively obliterated all hardware in its way.

This should go without saying, but now that EverythingApplePro has uncovered this useful tidbit of information on your behalf, please don’t try this experiment for yourself at home. It will end poorly for everyone, especially your mobile devices.

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