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How to set up notification summaries in iOS 15

One of the most popular features of modern iPhone operating systems is the efficient notification system, which keeps you informed and on track for your daily activities, appointments, and important calls and emails. But constant pinging and buzzing all day long with notifications of varying significance are distracting and can make your life seem more chaotic than it should. With iOS 15, notifications got an upgrade that lets you specify how and at precisely what time you receive non-urgent notifications from the apps you choose.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Apple iPhone or iPad

Control your notifications by time and group

The new notification summary feature lets you schedule and bundle together non-urgent app notifications for receipt at specific and convenient times, thus reducing the number of times your device pings. You can create up to 12 daily summaries and schedule them to arrive on the lock screen and in the Notifications Center whenever you want. Your Apple device's machine learning automatically prioritizes your summary.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app and tap Notifications.

Step 2: Tap Scheduled Summary, then toggle on the switch next to Scheduled Summary to reveal a brief explainer. Then tap Continue.

Step 3: In the Choose Apps for Your Summary pane, tap the radio button beside each app to add it to the list.

You'll see a list of apps for which you already get notifications, and the average number of those you receive each day. An Add App button pulls up all apps for which notifications are available, letting you add them to the list.

Step 4: Tap the Add button when you've finished choosing your app list.

Step 5: In the Set a Schedule pane, pick the times when it's convenient for you to receive your notifications in a neat group. You can set up to 12 times per day.

Step 6: Tap the Turn On Notification Summary button to view the schedule.

You can toggle on the Show Next Summary control if you like, which lets you view the next summary before the scheduled time.

Step 7: In the Apps in Summary section, choose to order apps according to Daily Notification Average or A to Z.

Now that you have set up and scheduled your notification summary, you will see it in the Notifications Center and on your lock screen at the time you specified.

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