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HTC becomes “obsessed with battery life” in an effort to keep up with smartphone heavy hitters

htc 10 battery teaser
Though it’s had some setbacks, smartphone manufacturer HTC is still a contender. Despite clashing with the market’s dominant forces, the Taiwanese company is not ready to throw in the towel. And this year, it’s gunning for a knockout with all of the hashtags, marketing language, and hype it can muster.

If HTC’s efforts are any indication, the HTC 10 may just leave its fans a little less disappointed this time around. Its latest teaser suggests that the phone’s battery life might last longer than you’d expect.

Our engineers are so obsessed w/ battery life we’ve turned it into a science. You’ll feel it. 4/12. #powerof10

The phone is rumored to sport a world class camera and a Snapdragon processor; we’re guessing it’s the recent Snapdragon 820 present in the Samsung Galaxy S7. HTC has also confirmed the return of its signature BoomSound tech for improved audio quality. Continuing its marketing strategy, the teaser reads that the company is “obsessed” with battery life. “Pics, tweets, texts, tunes, games, vids, you need a phone that goes and goes … ” It talks a big game, and with the official reveal coming up on Tuesday, April 12, more details regarding the hardware of the HTC 10 should be made available soon.

HTC has been in poor shape for a long time now; in 2013, several important figures left the company. Eric Lin, Product Strategy Manager even wrote “To all my friends still at HTC — just quit.” The company has made several attempts to remedy this situation. But none of its attempts have seen much success, and it needs to show that it still knows what it’s doing and regain some of that market to stay relevant.

The latest, and perhaps most promising, thing to come out of this is the HTC Vive, a high-end virtual reality headset for PC developed in collaboration with Valve, owner of Steam, the world’s largest digital store for games. The device is clamored to be even more advanced than its rival Oculus Rift. The success of the two devices are essential to keep HTC in the market and provide it a chance for a comeback.

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