Mid-range HTC A11 smartphone with 64-bit processor leaks

htc a11 64 bit smartphone news desire 816 allcolors

Qualcomm hinted that one of its new 64-bit processors would hit an Android device in late 2014 or early 2015, but it didn’t say which lucky manufacturers would use them. In early August, well-known leaker @upleaks posted a series of tweets, hinting that HTC will soon release a mid-range smartphone with one of Qualcomm’s 64-bit processors under the hood.

The device, code-named the HTC A11, supposedly features the 64-bit Snapdragon410 MSM8916 processor, which clocks in at 1.4GHz. It’s expected to be a variant of the existing Desire lineup and comes with other modest specs: a 4.7-inch display with a super low resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, ordinary speakers without Boom Sound, and low-res cameras. The back camera will only be a 5-megapixel shooter and the front-facing camera will only be 0.3-megapixels.

The A11 also looks more low end, with a shiny plastic back and rather plain design. It stands in obvious contrast to the high-end HTC One M8, which has a metal back and premium look to it. 

The A11 will supposedly run Android 4.4.2 with HTC’s Sense 6 interface layered on top. The tipster hinted that HTC may release the A11 at Sprint, where it will undoubtedly come at a low price to match the modest specs. It’s unclear when the new Desire smartphone will launch and if it will arrive in other markets.