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HTC delays US One A9 pre-order shipments and has bad news for Verizon customers

HTC One A9
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
HTC could use a boost nowadays, and while the tepidly received One A9 probably won’t kick-start a full turnaround, it could help hit the brakes on the company’s free fall. The last thing HTC should be providing its customers is a problematic shipment schedule for the One A9 — but that’s exactly what it’s giving, according to emails sent to U.S. consumers who pre-ordered the smartphones.

Those bold or supportive enough to pre-order the One A9 from HTC are being rewarded with delayed shipments, according to Android Police. In emails sent by HTC, the company says pre-order shipments of its newest line of smartphones will be delayed a few days at best and nearly two months at worst. The original shipment date for pre-orders was Friday, November 6.

HTC shares more details on its product page for the One A9, and it’s particularly bad news for Sprint customers:

  • For the gray and silver unlocked variants on T-Mobile and AT&T, shipments will begin on November 10; for Sprint customers, shipments will begin in late November.
  • For the gold unlocked variant on T-Mobile and AT&T, shipments will begin in late November; for Sprint customers, shipments will begin in mid-December.
  • For the red unlocked variant on T-Mobile and AT&T, shipments will begin in early December; for Sprint customers, shipments will begin in mid-December.

HTC is offering a 25 percent discount on accessories as amends for its delayed pre-order shipments.

The company noted in its announcement of the One A9 that the gold and red versions of the smartphone would ship several weeks after the gray and silver versions. But consumers who ordered the gold and red versions of the One A9 are likely extra shocked at these pre-order delays because HTC’s website didn’t properly communicate the later shipments of pre-orders of those colors, according to Android Police.

As if all this weren’t bad enough, HTC is telling customers that the CDMA-friendly version of the One A9 for Verizon customers is delayed indefinitely.

“To ensure the best experience for our customers on the Verizon network, we are conducting more extensive testing and certification,” according to emails sent to pre-order customers. “As a result, Verizon compatibility on the HTC One A9 won’t be available in December as originally expected. We are working with Verizon to make it available as soon as possible.”

Customers waiting on the Verizon-compatible One A9 can change their order by contacting HTC customer support.

It’s also worth noting that the $400 price tag on the One A9 was a limited-time promotional offer. On November 7, the price jumped to $500.

Available at: Amazon | AT&T

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