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HTC's early Black Friday sale leaves plenty of time for family or whatever

HTC 10
Black Friday may not be for another few weeks, but that did not stop HTC from announcing several discounts for its phones well before the post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza.

Not just anyone can take advantage of the deals, however, since only Team HTC members are able to do so for the time being. Team HTC is the company’s rewards program that lets members earn “perks,” or points, through buying products on HTC’s website, sharing HTC-related content on social media, and referring others to the program. After collecting enough perks, they can be redeemed for Google Play credit and a Starbucks gift card, for example.

Moving on to the discounts themselves, the HTC 10 sees a significant $150 discount, going from $700 to $550 unlocked. Interestingly, the One M9, HTC’s 2015 flagship, sees the same discount, but goes from $650 to $500.

The deals do not end there, so here is the full list of phone discounts:

  • HTC 10 — from $700 to $550
  • HTC One A9 — from $500 to $430
  • HTC One M9 — from $650 to $500
  • HTC One M8 — from $500 to $400
  • HTC One M8 (for Windows) — from $500 to $400
  • HTC One E8 — from $650 to $460

If the slashes are not sufficient enough for your wallet, however, HTC mentioned that Team HTC members get an extra discount for the HTC 10 and One M9, with the former going further down to $500. Finally, accessories are not left in the dark, however — the UA Band goes from $180 to $120, with cases for both the One M8 and One M9 going for $10.

According to HTC, the deals last until Monday, November 14. If you are interested in becoming a Team HTC member to take advantage of these deals, however, you have until November 13 to sign up, since it can take up to 24 hours for registration to go through. As for where these sales will be available, it seems to be a U.S.-only affair for the time being, with U.K. markets joining the fray as we get closer to Black Friday.

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