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Rumor: HTC’s Harmony could be the Windows Phone “One”

HTC 8XT top screen macro

The HTC Harmony popped up in conversation when the Lumia 1520 was last leaked, as one of the potential candidates to show off Microsoft’s new GDR 3 Windows Phone update. At the time, nothing other than the name was mentioned, however a new leak has provided a rundown of the phone’s primary specifications.

Now, before we go any further, it’s worth noting the specs have come from a new blog, and one which doesn’t have an established track record for leaking this type of information. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just worthy of an extra helping of skepticism. With that out of the way, here’s what it says about the HTC Harmony.

It’s apparently going to be very similar to the HTC One, but with Windows Phone installed. That means a 4.7-inch, 1080p resolution display, and HTC’s 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera. Other possible specs include 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage space, and a 2300mAh battery. No details are provided on the processor, but if the Harmony is to take full advantage of the GDR3 update, then a quad-core processor of some description is likely.

The leak fits in with several details published by in June, where Beats Audio was also mentioned in conjunction with a future HTC Windows Phone, along with an HTC One-like design. Although we shouldn’t expect it to look exactly the same, it would be great if HTC kept the aluminum body shell.

Microsoft’s GDR3 software update promises to breathe new life into Windows Phone, as it should bring the hardware in line with the best Android has to offer. We’re expecting the Lumia 1520 to be announced before the end of the month, complete with the GDR3 update already onboard, and if the HTC Harmony is real, then it may not be far behind.

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