HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch may look like this

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Back in March, HTC confirmed that it was working on a “wearable computing product.” Fast forward to May, and we have HTC teasing a new product through a cryptic tweet. Now, famed leaker Evan Blass, known as @evleaks, put out an artist’s rendition of HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch.

Whether all the products are one in the same is unknown, but the artist’s rendition of HTC’s smartwatch sports a square shape rather than the rumored circle design akin to the Moto 360. Even though the rendition is not a real press render, according to Blass, the “hardware is 100 percent faithful reproduction” of the real thing.

In addition, the render shows off an Android Wear skin, something that Google disallows. However, according to Blass, the UI is likely a placeholder for the actual non-altered Android Wear UI. Whether the render itself is legit is anyone’s guess, seeing how HTC has yet to announce such a device. In addition, based on the company’s comments in March, there’s no indication  when we should expect anything like a smartwatch.

Regardless, HTC’s lack of any announcement pertaining to an Android Wear smartwatch could be a blessing in disguise. If our review of the Samsung Gear Live is any indication, it’s that Android Wear is obviously a 1.0 product that needs improvement in several key areas. HTC waiting for the right time to release an Android Wear smartwatch could end up benefitting the company in the long run.