Taiwan gets double the storage with the 64GB HTC One M9

htc one m9 64 gb announced mwc 2015

How much free space do you have right now on your phone? If you know without having to look, chances are good that you need more space. Even if you have room to spare, more space is never a bad thing.

The HTC One M9 might be a good update to a great phone, but it was somewhat surprising that it was unveiled with only 32GB of storage. In our increasingly media-rich lives, that amount of space can fill up rather quickly, and with phones launching with 128GB of storage, being limited to a quarter of that space can leave you feeling cramped.

The M9 does feature a MicroSD card slot, so storage is expandable, but more onboard storage is still preferable for many people. The good news is that it appears a 64GB HTC One M9 is on the way. The bad news is that it isn’t yet clear if it will see worldwide release.

The only country that seems certain to get the 64GB version is Taiwan, as the source of this new information is the Taiwanese website ePrice (here’s a link to the a Google Translate version). HTC has yet to announce a release of the 64GB One M9 anywhere else in the world.

Fortunately, if the 64GB HTC One M9 does make it outside of Taiwan, it seems that it won’t cost much more than the 32GB version. While the 32GB phone is listed at 21,900 TWD, which translates to roughly $693, the 64 GB version lists for 23,900 TWD, or $756.

We spent some time with the HTC One M9 earlier this month, so for a further look at it, check out our hands-on coverage.