Leak shows potential multi-function fingerprint scanner on the HTC One Max

HTC One Fingerprint Scanner Leak

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Could HTC one-up Apple’s attempt at integrating a fingerprint scanner into the iPhone 5S? Or should that be ten-up? You’ve probably read the rumor reports suggesting a fingerprint reader could be fitted to the back of HTC’s One Max, and thanks to various leaked photos, it’s looking increasingly likely to be one of the phone’s primary selling points.

However, while we may have seen what looks like a scanner, we’ve not heard what it will do. Apple’s doesn’t do much other than unlock the phone and authorize iTunes payments, but the tech is capable of more. What looks to be an image taken from the HTC One Max’s user manual shows the scanner may be able to read the prints on all your fingers, and the next logical step is for all your fingers to activate a different function on the phone.

HTC One Max SpottedWe’ve seen this type of functionality before, after spending some time with CrucialTec at Mobile World Congress. We saw how each of our ten fingers could be assigned to features such as opening the camera app, launching secure apps, and even encrypting sensitive files. At the time, CrucialTec told us its scanner had been licensed by an unnamed company, and that it would make an appearance during the summer. It’s past that time now, but we’re also pretty sure the HTC One Max has seen a few delays, so there’s a chance HTC will use CrucialTec’s system. If not, then it could use one which performs in a similar way.

In related HTC One Max news, a picture has been posted on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo, supposedly showing someone using the device itself. Apparently, it was taken over their shoulder, and perhaps without their knowledge, and it does indeed show what looks like a massive HTC phone. It’s difficult to know for sure how big it is though, as the owner’s hands may be very small.

HTC has confirmed it will be holding a pair of launch events on October 16 and October 18 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the rumor is we’ll be seeing the One Max’s announcement on October 15.