HTC One comes to Verizon on August 22 – will cost $200 and two years of your life

Verizon HTC One

This Thursday, the wait for the HTC One to appear on the Verizon network will be over, as the carrier has tweeted the device will be available to buy on the day. The tweet, sent just before the weekend, says, “Verizon 4G LTE + HTC One = August 22 online and in stores.” The message goes on to say the price will be $200 with the regular two-year contract.

Replies to the tweet saying, “Better late than never,” and “Finally!” probably echo many people’s sentiments, as the HTC One made its debut in GSM form for AT&T, plus many worldwide networks, in March. It’s not the first time Verizon customers have had to wait for a major phone to arrive on the network – the iPhone, for example – but then, few others get to enjoy the Droid range.

A Verizon spokesperson clarified a few details once the news was released, so we know the One will have Android 4.2.2 installed, and it’ll be the model with 32GB of storage memory on sale. Although the recently released red version of the One would seem like a great fit for Verizon, buyers will only be offered the silver model at this time.

When the HTC One first went on sale, it stood out more than it does today in terms of specs, and Verizon’s line-up is only going to get better over the coming weeks, as the aforementioned new Droid range is about to hit stores, along with the Motorola Moto X. Will the One be able to compete? HTC’s newly released advertising campaign couldn’t have come at a better time, as it should help increase awareness of HTC”s flagship Android phone.

Will you be grabbing the Verizon edition of the HTC One?