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HTC is developing Windows Phone Mango handsets, says CEO

htc-peter-chou-droid-guyYesterday, Microsoft revealed a lot of new information about Mango, it’s upcoming version of Windows Phone 7. One thing lacking, however, was new hardware. Though Microsoft announced three new WP7 manufacturers–ZTE, Fujitsu, Acer–it didn’t have any actual phones to show off. That may change soon. HTC CEO Peter Chou has told Reuters that the Taiwanese smartphone maker has Windows Phones in development.

“We have some Windows Mango phones,” Chou said in an interview today. “We are very committed to Windows phone products.”

HTC has long been a strong partner with Microsoft. In 2002, the two companies released the first Windows Mobile smartphone together and Microsoft’s support has helped HTC grow. In the last two years, Microsoft has seen its mobile market share decrease rapidly while HTC has become one of the world’s largest handset makers, thanks to its strong support of Android. Still, the company has stuck by Microsoft, pumping out more than twice as many Windows Phone handsets (5 so far) as any other manufacturer.

(Image via TheDroidGuy)

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