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Huawei may be making a phone to take on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Huawei Mate S hands on
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Huawei is rumored to be exploring the possibility of releasing a smartphone with a curved edge display, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus. The news comes from a Chinese source on the social network Weibo, and if it’s accurate, the new Huawei phone may launch during the first half of 2016.

The rumor also states the resolution of the display will be 2K, which we take to mean 1440p, or 2560 x 1440 pixels. The size of the screen isn’t mentioned, but if it’s 5.1-inches, then it’ll match the screen used on Samsung’s S6 Edge. However, Huawei isn’t convinced by such a high resolution screen, saying in the past the tradeoff against increased battery consumption isn’t worth it.

This doesn’t mean it’s not working to solve the problem using a clever workaround, plus it has shown in the past it’s not afraid to put a big battery inside its devices, so previous statements probably won’t apply forever. It’s unlikely to shun these desirable high-res screens when its competitors all start fitting them either.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bottom
This is Samsung’s S6 Edge and its curved display Giuliano Correia/Digital Trends

Apparently, Huawei’s confident in the success of this mystery phone, and plans to make three million per month following its release, indicating this will be a major product for the company. If so, and it really is coming before summer next year, then a Mobile World Congress 2016 announcement sounds possible, given it takes place around the end of February.

While Huawei may be confident in its curved phone, not everyone feels the same way. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus look fantastic, but there are question marks over the usefulness of the screen edge feature. The S6 Edge and Edge Plus have sold well though, proving there is demand for unusual, and very attractive, high-end smartphones.

We’ll keep you updated with more on this intriguing rumor as it emerges.

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