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Honor's beta program could let you try out its new hardware and software

huawei honor beta program v9 6
Are you interested in trying out new phones and phone software before they are available? Honor wants you! The Huawei-owned company has announced a new beta program targeted specifically at those that live in the U.S. — however, only a select few will be a part of the program.

The program is being facilitated through a new Honor Beta Facebook page and as part of the program, you will be required to give feedback on current hardware, as well as software launches up to two years before they could officially launch. Honor is specifically looking for people with a good general knowledge in the tech space and who are capable of giving constructive feedback.

To sign up for yourself, you can fill out this form — though you may also want to join the Facebook group to keep up to date with the latest details surrounding the program. If you’re selected to be a part of the program, you will be notified throughout the year. However, there is no word yet on exactly when applicants will be notified.

“Honor Beta is about exploring the smartphone experience you want,” the company said in a statement on its Facebook page. “What do you like, what don’t you like, what is actually useful, or downright annoying? What have you ever wished your phone would do?”

We don’t know exactly what devices members of the program will test but with the Honor Pro 8 reviews hitting the net, it’s possible that the company is looking toward its next flagship device. Perhaps applicants will even get their hands on the Honor 9.

It is interesting to see Honor placing a heavier emphasis on U.S. customers and we will have to see what comes of the program and how it influences future phones and future software.

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